How to use

  1. Drag'n'drop PNG or JPEG files or directories onto main table view in ImageOptim's window.
  2. Wait until it finishes.
  3. Profit! (from smaller files)

Files will be overwritten with smaller versions. Unoptimized versions will be moved to Trash.

You can also drop files onto ImageOptim's Dock icon.

Learn how to change Preferences.

Icons in file table

Green Checkmark Image has been optimized successfully.
Green X Everything went fine, but image couldn't be optimized any further.
Gray star Optimization of this file is in progress.
Gray dots File is queued to be optimized after other files are finished.
Orange exclamation mark There was an error during optimization. You'll find explanation by running

How does it work

ImageOptim is a front-end (GUI) for these applications:

ImageOptim runs them and automatically selects the smallest file.