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ImageOptim API features in detail

Advanced JPEG compression

ImageOptim API uses a custom JPEG encoder with features to improve compression as well as increase quality of compressed photos:

Some of these features were developed specifically for the ImageOptim API and are not available anywhere else.

Color profile support

Lossy PNG compression

Uses the latest version of libimagequant to reduce file sizes of true-color PNG files by 75%.

Resizing for thumbnails and responsive images

ImageOptim API has a high-quality implementation of the usual resizing and cropping options:

Flexible HTTP API

If your website already has a back-end for processing images, you can keep it, and enhance it with ImageOptim's API. On the other hand, if you don't have an image processing back-end, you don't need to build one.

You don't need to install or maintain any image processing software on your servers.

Full compatibility


Private data (e.g. GPS location in photos) is stripped from images compressed by the ImageOptim API.

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